Cutting cutting heat and temperature of bearings and of choice!

Heat and temperature

Cutting heat during cutting is bearing material of another important physical phenomena. Increase of cutting temperature due to heat and thermal deformation of workpiece. direct effects of machining precision and surface quality of imported bearing materials. Cutting temperature are the main factors affecting durability. Therefore, the study of cutting heat and temperature and variations have important practical significance.

Bearing material cutting hot of produced and outgoing, in tool of cutting role Xia, cutting layer metal occurred elastic deformation and plastic deformation, this is cutting hot of a source; while. in cut chip and Qian knife surface, artifacts and Hou knife surface between consumption of friction work also will into for heat? this is cutting hot of and a source. cutting hot by cut chip, and artifacts, and tool and around of media conduction out. According to thermodynamic equilibrium theory, generated equal heat of heat and mass transfer.

Bearing sleeve cut feed options

Roughing Shi, according to processing material, and knife Rod size, and artifacts diameter and the has determine of back eat knife volume, reference cutting dosage manual or about information and combined machine using manual, selected: rough car f=0.2mm/r, rough boring f=0.15mm/r; half fine processing, and fine processing Shi, according to surface rough degrees requirements, according to artifacts material, and tip arc RADIUS and cutting speed, selected: half fine car f=0.15mm/r, fine car f=0.1mm/r, fine boring f=0.1mm/r.