Ball Bearing Rinse

Angular contact ball bearing selection to consider the use of working conditions and limited space. The working conditions mainly include the use of the environment, precision, speed, Ball Bearing force direction and size.

High temperature, small load of the general use of non-metallic cage; low speed, heavy load metal cage; high temperature environment using metal cage; Ball Bearing medium temperature environment generally use engineering plastic cage, the general use of nylon cage temperature can not exceed 120 degrees;

For ultra-high speed, wear, low temperature rise, long life and high availability environment can be used mixed ceramic ball bearings, ball with silicon nitride ceramic.

If the accuracy of the shaft requirements, Ball Bearing such as the machine tool spindle generally use P4 or P2 bearings; medium precision of the general choice of P5 or P4 level; general accuracy can choose more economical P0 or P6 level.

If you require high speed, first select the contact angle of 15 ° limit speed is relatively high light series bearings; if required to withstand large axial load can be used with a contact angle of 40 ° 2 series or 3 series angular contact ball bearings; Ball Bearing Taking into account the speed and axial load optional contact angle of 25 ° angular contact ball bearings.

ZYS (axis research technology) bearings is currently the top of the angular contact ball bearing manufacturers, procurement ZYS bearings can call 182 1039 5369 direct delivery by the manufacturers, Ball Bearing to prevent the market fake troubles.

Angular contact ball bearings can be used to determine the axial and radial position of the bearing, while inhibiting the beating of the shaft to improve the rigidity of the bearing to prevent axial vibration and vibration caused by abnormal sound or noise (ZYS bearings in this area very good).

For non-grease bearings must use high-quality kerosene for all-round cleaning, the specific approach is to soak all the bearings into the kerosene inside the rinse, rotary cleaning, until there is no obvious resistance and shock so far.

After cleaning the bearings must be dry in a clean space, Ball Bearing and then add grease. Grease filling volume is generally in the bearing inside the spare capacity of 1/3.

Angular contact ball bearings are precision bearings, installation must pay special attention. Now the installation is commonly used to install the way through the extrusion, Ball Bearing if the inner ring and the shaft with the inner ring with the sleeve almost squeeze the inner ring, if the outer ring and the bearing chamber hole is tight with the outer ring is almost Sleeve squeeze the outer ring, Ball Bearing if the inner and outer ring and the shaft and the bearing chamber hole with the tight choice when the thick-walled sleeve at the same time squeeze the inner and outer ring to install, avoid violent hit.