Ball Bearing Specification Requirements

Ball Bearing The use of grease to pay attention to two of the problem, first, according to the requirements of the car specifications, the use of the appropriate brand of grease. For example, the automobile pump bearing is not suitable to choose sonar grease, because its water resistance is poor. The second is to add a linear bearing of the grease to the right amount, generally only filling the bearing cavity of the 1 2 L 3 appropriate, too much not only useless, but also increase the bearing running resistance, Ball Bearing so that heating up, SKF bearings. Special attention should be paid to the automobile wheel bearings, to promote "empty hub lubrication", that is only in the bearing on a layer of grease can be, otherwise, not only waste and heat dissipation, but also will make the grease heat spillover, Ball Bearing may affect the braking performance.

Lubricating oil lubrication has the advantage of small friction resistance, and can dissipate heat, mainly for high-speed and working environment with high temperature bearings. Ball Bearing The grade of lubricating oil should be selected according to the specifications of the car, and pick up the car maintenance cycle timely replacement, release the old oil after the body to be cleaned and then add new oil, refueling should be added to the required marking, or with the refueling mouth flat (depending on the specific structure of the car, the requirements), not to add.

No fixed lubrication will be a problem. Artificial maintenance of the situation, it is impossible to achieve, automatic lubrication system can be developed to achieve the best lubrication effect. The need for grease, tools and effective lubrication technology will help significantly reduce downtime. Although you can install "free" for all types of bearing seals, the early expiration of SKF bearings still has 36% incorrect grease technology and improper use. Improper lubrication of any linear bearing in normal life inevitably fails to advance. Ball Bearing Mechanical and equipment bearings are usually the hardest part of the job.

Bearings are precision components, linear bearings and grease contamination that will not run. Bearings In addition, have been with grease seals for maintenance-free of all, at least 14% of the contamination is caused only by a small fraction of the early failure of all bearings using bearings.Ball Bearing Bearings with excellent manufacturing and design capabilities, to provide a variety of harsh working conditions sealed solution.

Cleanliness is very important for linear bearings. The surface roughness of the bearing ring and the rolling element is usually 1/10 μm, so the smooth surface is sensitive to the damage caused by contaminants. The lubrication layer between the rotational surfaces is usually 0.2 μ m, Ball Bearing and the particulate impurity larger than the lubricant particle size will be subjected to excessive crushing of the rolling element and local pressure in the bearing steel, which will eventually lead to permanent material fatigue. In addition to this, the dust particles in the external environment can reach 10 μm and may cause damage to the bearing. Therefore, Ball Bearing cleaning the dust-free environment is critical to the storage and installation of linear bearings.