Ball Bearing Timely Replacement

The theoretical basis part only expounds the generation and derivation of the nonlinear bearing force. Ball Bearing The actual calculation takes into account the influence of the bearing nonlinearity on the whole system in a rotor-bearing system.

Linear bearings in the grease to be appropriate, Ball Bearing generally only fill the bearing cavity 1/2-l / 3 is appropriate, too much not only useless, but also increase the bearing running resistance, so that heating up. In particular, pay attention to the car wheel bearings, Ball Bearing to promote the "empty hub lubrication", that is, only a layer of grease on the bearing can be coated, otherwise, not only waste and poor heat, but also make the grease heat spill, may affect Brake performance.

Lubricant lubrication has the advantage of small friction resistance, Ball Bearing and can heat, mainly for high-speed and high temperature working environment bearings. Ball Bearing Lubricant grades should be selected according to the requirements of the car manual, Ball Bearing and then replace the car maintenance cycle in a timely manner, after the release of old oil to the organization after the cleaning and then add new oil, refueling should be added to the provisions of the marking, or flush with the fuel (Depending on the specific structure of the car, the request may be), not more.

 No fixed lubrication will be a problem. Manual maintenance of the situation, it is impossible to achieve, automatic lubrication system can be developed to achieve the best lubrication effect. Ball Bearing The need for grease, tools and effective lubrication techniques will help significantly reduce downtime. Ball Bearing Although you can install "free" all kinds of bearing seals, Ball Bearing but the early failure of SKF bearings still 36% is not correct grease technology and improper use. Improper lubrication of any linear bearings in the normal life of the inevitable failure to move forward. Mechanical and equipment bearings are usually the most difficult part of the work.

Bearings are precision components, Ball Bearing Ball Bearing linear bearings and grease contaminated and will not run. In addition, there are at least 14% of all the pollution that has been maintained with the grease seal maintenance. Only a small part of the bearing in the early failure of all bearings is significantly affected by the use of bearings. Ball Bearing The bearings have excellent manufacturing and design capabilities and are able to provide a variety of harsh working conditions for sealing solutions.

 Cleaning is very important for linear bearings. The surface roughness of the bearing ring and the rolling element is usually 1/10 μm, and such a smooth surface is very sensitive to damage caused by contaminants. The lubricating layer between the rotating surfaces is usually 0.2 to 1 μm, and the particulate impurities larger than the particle size of the lubricant are subjected to excessive rolling of the rolling elements to produce local pressure in the bearing steel, which eventually leads to permanent material fatigue. Ball Bearing In addition to this, Ball Bearing the external environment, the size of dust particles up to 10μm, will also cause damage to the bearing. Therefore, clean and clean environment for the linear bearing storage and installation is essential.

China's steel ball products, the most prominent problem is the vibration value of discrete large, serious surface defects (single point, group points, pits, etc.), although the surface roughness, size, shape, error is not lower than the level, After the bearing vibration value is high, Ball Bearing and even produce abnormal sound, the main problem is no control of waviness (no standard, no suitable test and analysis equipment), while the machine vibration resistance is poor, grinding wheel, grinding disc, coolant, process parameters are problematic ; On the other hand to improve the management level, to avoid bumps, scratches, Ball Bearing burns and other quality problems with the timeliness.

For the ring, the bearing vibration is the most serious is the channel waviness and surface roughness. For example, the small and medium-sized deep groove ball bearings inside and outside the channel roundness greater than 2μm, the bearing vibration will have a significant impact, Ball Bearing inside and outside the channel waviness greater than 0.7μm, the bearing vibration value increases with the increase in waviness, Can make the vibration rise more than 4dB, or even abnormal sound

The process of refining, mainly refers to the process as short as possible, the process of processing the merger, the production of no intermediate inventory, Ball Bearing effectively reduce the impact of low noise ball bearing performance process factors; production clean, which is a system of technology, including grinding fluid, Semen, cleaning fluid, air, high pressure air, production environment and other technical processes; automation, from the car to the assembly process to automate the whole process, Ball Bearing few people or unmanned; large-scale, Ball Bearing such bearings, especially the silent ball bearings, must form large-scale In order to have the global market competitiveness.