Ball Bearing With Vibration Absorption

At present, China's deep groove sealed ball bearings and foreign advanced products, the internal structure of the product parameters are almost the same, Ball Bearing but China's products such as the level of vibration and noise is far from the foreign products, mainly due to manufacturing and operating conditions factors. From the perspective of the bearing industry to consider, the working conditions can be reasonable to the host to request a solution, Ball Bearing and how to reduce the vibration caused by manufacturing factors and noise is the bearing industry must solve the problem.

A large number of tests at home and abroad show that the processing quality of the cage, ferrule and steel ball has different influence on the bearing vibration. The processing quality of the steel ball has the most obvious influence on the bearing vibration, Ball Bearing followed by the processing quality of the ferrule. Ball Bearing Factors are the roundness of steel balls and rings, waviness, surface roughness, surface bumps and so on.

China's steel ball products, the most prominent problem is the vibration value of discrete large, serious surface defects (single point, group points, pits, etc.), although the surface roughness, size, shape, error is not lower than the level, After the bearing vibration value is high, and even produce abnormal sound, the main problem is no control of the corrugation (no standard, Ball Bearing no suitable test and analysis equipment), while the machine vibration resistance is poor, grinding wheel, grinding disc, coolant, process parameters are problematic ; Ball Bearing On the other hand to improve the management level, to avoid bumps, scratches, burns and other opportunistic quality problems.

Is to reduce the rolling surface grinding ultra-fine vibration, get a good surface processing shape accuracy and surface texture quality to reduce vibration, Ball Bearing grinding machine must have a good anti-vibration, bed and other important structural parts with vibration, super fine The oilstone oscillation system of the machine has good anti-vibration performance; improve the grinding speed, the external grinding wheel 6202 generally uses 60,000 electric spindle, grinding speed 60m / s or more, the domestic generally much lower, mainly by the spindle and the main Bearing performance limits. In the high-speed grinding, Ball Bearing the grinding force is small, grinding degeneration layer is thin, not easy to burn, but also can improve the processing accuracy and efficiency of the low noise ball bearing a great impact; spindle static and static stiffness and speed characteristics of low noise ball bearings Grinding vibration has a great influence, the higher the rigidity, the less the grinding speed is less sensitive to the change of the grinding force, the smaller the vibration of the grinding system; improve the rigidity of the spindle bearing, Ball Bearing adopt the dynamic balancing technology to improve the anti- Sex. Foreign grinding head vibration speed (such as Gamfior) is about one-tenth of the domestic general spindle; to improve the cutting wheel Whetstone cutting performance and quality is essential. The main problem is the poor uniformity of the structure of the wheel, Ball Bearing which seriously affects the quality of the low-noise ball bearing mill. It is fully cooled and the filtration precision is improved. The feed resolution of the fine system is improved and the feed inertia is reduced. Process parameters and processing processes can not be ignored factors, grinding residue to be small, strict shape and position tolerance,Ball Bearing small and medium sized ball bearing diameter should not use super-fine grinding, coarse fine grinding ultra-poor to ensure good surface quality.