Cylindrical Roller Bearing Limit Speed

Usually we believe that the cage in the rolling bearing in the main aliquot rolling, Cylindrical Roller Bearing limiting the rolling off, to improve the role of bearing speed limit, often overlooked its operation in the process of force, but in fact the same bear the same impact Load, alternating load, especially the large cylindrical bearing pin-type cage

 In the high-speed operation, the rolling force through the roller to the bearing inner ring and then through the inner ring to the rolling body, and then transferred to the cage by the rolling body, cage in both revolving and rotating rolling body driven by passive operation, Cylindrical Roller Bearing and because There is a gap between the rolling element and the pin h (1.5-2.5mm) When the rolling body quickly through the load bearing area away from the bearing area to force the impact load and a certain shear force, such as welding defects or loose connection will induce the cage The failure.

 Bearing ring with the axis with the way more for the transition with the cylindrical roller bearing seat with the bearing hole with the gap is more than with the gap, Cylindrical Roller Bearing this fit is generally easier to install in the bearing shaft should be in the shaft On the fixed, so as to avoid the week circle relative to the rotation, resulting in unnecessary wear and tear. Here the installation of the bearing, the rotation of the installation of more ways, so that the inner ring can be more tight with some of the shaft.

 Cylindrical roller bearings with the outer ring with the bearing seat is relatively loose, Cylindrical Roller Bearing the inner ring with the shaft when the tight match, you can use the installation of bearings when the use of professional pressure to the bearing pressure on the shaft, and then with the shaft, cylinder Roller bearings together to install the bearing seat inside the pressure in the installation of the bearing when the inner side of the face to be washed, and then pad a soft metal made of casing, the material is copper or mild steel can, The diameter of the casing is larger than the diameter of the journal, Cylindrical Roller Bearing and the diameter of the outer diameter is smaller than that of the inner ring.

Because the lubricating oil is an indispensable protective material for the bearing, it can be completely poured into the bearing's internal space, Cylindrical Roller Bearing covering the cage and the rolling body, not only the cylindrical roller bearing operation and work without the slightest impact, but also greatly extended Bearing life.