Cylindrical Roller Bearing The Corresponding Measures

In order to make the cylindrical roller bearings in good condition to maintain the desired performance and long-term use. Must be cylindrical roller bearings for inspection and maintenance, Cylindrical Roller Bearing inspection and maintenance is very important to prevent the failure, Cylindrical Roller Bearing in the operation to focus on checking the cylinder Roller bearings rolling sound, vibration, temperature and lubricant.

When the cylindrical roller bearings performance indicators lower than the use of the requirements and can not work properly, the cylindrical roller bearings on the failure or even failure, cylindrical roller bearings in the event of failure and other unexpected circumstances, the machine, Cylindrical Roller Bearing the device will stop, appear Function loss and other anomalies, so need to identify the causes in the short term, and take appropriate measures.

Cylindrical roller bearing noise is a cylindrical roller bearing itself, that is, cylindrical roller bearings inherent noise; the other is cylindrical roller bearing installed after the noise generated, Cylindrical Roller Bearing and the cylindrical roller bearing itself has nothing to do with the noise.

Cylindrical roller bearings vibration of the cylindrical roller bearing failure is obvious.For example: peeling, indentation, corrosion, cracks, wear and tear will be reflected in the cylindrical roller bearing vibration detection, so by using a special cylindrical roller Bearing vibration measurement device (frequency analyzer and vibration meter, etc.) can measure the size of the vibration, Cylindrical Roller Bearing the frequency distribution can be inferred from the specific circumstances of abnormal vibration, Cylindrical Roller Bearing the measured value due to the use of cylindrical roller bearings or sensor installation location and so on Different, so the need for prior measurement of each machine after the analysis and determination to determine the criteria.