Needle Roller Bearing Continuous Improvement

Stamping Needle Roller Bearings Since the end of the First World War, Needle Roller Bearing two German brothers called Schaeffler developed a very low carbon content of very low carbon steel plate into a bearing outer ring and cage technology, through the constant The improvement and gradually improve, thus forming a stamping needle roller bearing series. The appearance of the stamping needle roller bearings has changed the structure of the mechanical parts of machinery, automobile, motorcycle, aviation, aerospace, textile machinery, Needle Roller Bearing light industry and so on, so as to make the light and achieve the purpose of energy saving

Punching needle roller bearings of the rolling body it needs to bear a larger load, this can only be made of different diameter ratio of the needle-like form, because the general structure of the needle roller bearings can not be too large, so the diameter of the needle ≤ 5mm, the length is 3 to 10 times the diameter.

Needle material is GCr15 or 100Cr6, the original organization needs to achieve JB / T 1255-2014 high-carbon chromium bearing steel parts heat treatment technology standards in the two ball, hardness of 179 ~ 207HBW, high-carbon chromium bearing steel wire at high speed cut off Machine cut into the required specifications, and then into a certain angle of the octagonal drum, the barrel into a certain number of needle and wool and abrasive and so on, to a certain speed cycle operation, in the tens of hours After polishing the two ends of the needle is showing a smooth arc, Needle Roller Bearing to meet the technical requirements.

There are two methods of quenching the needle: for the variety of specifications and the production of low quenching with a small drum furnace, into and out of the material are from the front of the mouth and out, behind the mouth into the controllable atmosphere, the furnace structure Simple operation is convenient, its furnace bile (muffle pot) for the two ends of the octagonal drum with a taper structure, Needle Roller Bearing in the rotation when the needle roller can naturally roll, to achieve uniformity of each needle are heated, there are three thermocouple thermocouple , That is, a furnace, used to control the temperature; furnace bile (muffle pot) within a direct temperature, the other one for over-temperature alarm. The furnace into the nitrogen, methanol, Needle Roller Bearing propane to protect the needle heating, quenching tank with a circulating mixing pump and baffle, can be quenched into the oil in the uniformity of the needle, get hardened hardness (65 ~ 66HRC) dispersion Small advantage. It is recommended not to use the mesh belt furnace to heat. For a large number of needle roller heating quenching will use a large roller furnace, the feed is the back of the feed and access to a controlled atmosphere, the front discharge, Needle Roller Bearing the furnace structure is heated with steel plate into a cylinder, cylinder Welding with a continuous smooth inner diameter of the heat-resistant steel plate, the needle roller can be forward and can naturally flip, Needle Roller Bearing so that the grain roller needle heating evenly. Needle Roller Bearing The quenching tank has a circulation duct and four rounds of stainless steel accessory with a number of small holes that can be transferred at regular intervals. Other picking methods can also be used to enhance the structure of the conveyor belt.