Needle Roller Bearing Gradually Improve

Stamping Needle Roller Bearings Since the end of the First World War, two German brothers called Schaeffler developed a very low carbon content of very low carbon steel plate blanking into the bearing outer ring and cage technology, through constant And the establishment of the INA Bearing Co., Ltd. (Schaeffler INA Bearing co., Ltd), INA (Immer neu Aufgabe) trademark has always been a new task. The Stamping needle roller bearings have rapidly changed the mechanical, automotive, motorcycle, aviation, aerospace, textile machinery, Needle Roller Bearing light industry and other sectors of the mechanical parts of the structure, so that light to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

In many of the use of stamping needle roller bearings industry, the choice of the automotive industry as the representative of the application of stamping needle roller bearings to illustrate the car to run fast, Needle Roller Bearing it is necessary to reduce the weight of the car itself, in other conditions remain unchanged It is desirable to be able to make the structure of all the bearings in the reducer smaller because of the restriction of the radial dimension of the internal space, in addition to the installation of the normal solid bearing, and the bearing structure of the automobile reducer (box) Lightweight, and has a high strength, can withstand greater load and high speed, and has a good wear resistance, so the reducer also need to have a certain number of HK-type stamping needle roller bearings to match.

The materials used to manufacture the stamping outer ring and the bracket are made of stamping and drawing on the cold-rolled steel sheet with low carbon content (wC = 0.006% ~ 0.009%), which is clean and bright in size. , Their thickness is generally 0.63 ~ 1.5mm, Needle Roller Bearing the hardness of this material in the 90 ~ 120HV10 or so, Needle Roller Bearing the microstructure is relatively uniform granular ferrite and a very small amount of cubic cementite (free cementite) This organization is suitable for deep drawing parts, such as punching outer ring and cage and other deep hole parts. Stamping the outer ring or cage molding, according to the enterprise equipment conditions, multi-channel decentralized single-process processing or a multi-functional combination of stamping machine processing these two conditions. The former equipment, a one-time investment costs lower, but from the blanking, multiple stretching, trimming and other processes, the process and more operators, parts of the size of the low precision; the latter one-time investment equipment Large, Needle Roller Bearing but the human input less, a person can be a multi-function machine to do blanking, repeated stretching and trimming and other processes, easy to complete the entire process of stamping the outer ring or cage, Needle Roller Bearing the product of high precision , Large output and other characteristics is worth promoting the use of.