Needle Roller Bearing The Installation

Roller bearing is roller bearing with cylindrical roller, and its diameter is thin and long. This roller is called a rolling pin. Although has a small cross-section, bearing still has high load capacity, needle bearing with fine and long roller (roller diameter D 5 mm or less, acuity 2.5 L/D, L) for the roller length, so the radial structure is compact, its diameter and load capacity at the same time, with other types of bearing outside diameter to a minimum, especially suitable for the limited size of the radial installation supporting structure.

According to the use of different occasions, can be used without inner ring of the bearing or needle roller and cage components, at this time to suit the bearing surface of the surface of the shaft and the shell hole directly as inner and outer rolling bearing surface, in order to ensure the load capacity and operation performance and you have the same ring bearing, axis or shell hole hardness on the surface of the raceway, machining accuracy and surface quality should be as a bearing ring raceway. The bearing can only bear the radial load.

The stamping needle roller bearing is used as a needle roller bearing. Its main characteristic is the section height is very low and the load capacity is higher. It is mainly used in the bearing configuration of compact structure, cheap price and bearing box inner hole. Bearings and bearing boxes shall be installed in a coordinated manner. If the axial positioning function of the shoulder and stop ring can be omitted, the hole in the bearing box can be made extremely simple and economical. The stamping outer ring roller bearing on the shaft has two sides open and one side closed. The base end of the closed - stamping outer ring can withstand a small axial direction force. Stamping outer ring needle bearing generally does not enclose inner ring. In the case of unquenching and grinding of the shaft neck, the inner circle can be used in the table. The outer ring of the stamping needle roller bearing is inseparable from the needle roller. The free space for storing lubricants can be extended to add lubrication interval. Bearings are generally designed in single column. However, the wide specifications of bearing 1522,1622,2030,2538 and 3038 are excluded, and they contain two rollers to hold the components. The bearing outer ring has lubrication hole. In accordance with the user's requirements, all single row stamping outer ring bearings with diameters greater than or equal to 7mm can be fitted with outer rings with lubricating holes (code suffix AS1). The oil seal stamping needle bearing can provide an open end or closed end with oil seal (3-5). This type of bearing seal equipment of polyurethane or synthetic rubber friction, which have good rust resistance of lithium base grease filling, applicable operating temperature - 20 to + 100 ℃. The inner ring of the oil seal bearing is 1mm wider than the outer ring, which makes the bearing can guarantee the good work of the oil seal while the bearing is not polluted. Bearing inner ring also has lubrication hole, which can be added lubrication by outer ring or inner ring according to the need of bearing configuration.

Entity ferrule

The solid ring roller bearing is made up of one or two rings and a rolling pin with a holding frame. According to the application situation, can be divided into inner ring or without inner ring bearings. Therefore, the solid ring roller bearings can meet the requirements of light weight, small footprint and large transmission power. The solid ring roller bearing has a small size and high bearing capacity. Structural type outer double guard (or double lock ring) with cage needle bearing NA, NAV, NKI respectively installed inner ring and outer ring (with lock ring, a full set of needle roller and cage), high access speed, single row and double row two. If the shaft cannot be used as raceway, if the shaft quenching is not possible or not economical, the roller bearing with inner ring can be used

Feature NA and NKI bearings are RNA and NK roller bearings without inner ring. This type of bearing has no inner ring, which is suitable for the bearing structure of the radial mounting dimension, and the bearing matching shaft neck is used as the rolling surface. As the shaft of the raceway, the hardware must be quenched and grinded, and only when it is processed to the proper size and shape precision, the whole roller bearing can be of high life and operational accuracy. At the same time, the diameter of the shaft can be appropriately increased due to the absence of inner ring, which also increases rigidity

The installation

Full roller bearings are installed, usually through auxiliary sleeve. At this time, the auxiliary roller or auxiliary sleeve hold needle don't fell out of the needle, journal with its own chamfering needle lift, as the needle roller bearing on the shaft neck slowly moving into, the auxiliary roller or auxiliary sleeve out slowly, until outfit to the job position. The outer diameter of auxiliary roller and auxiliary sleeve shall be 0.1 to 0.3mm in diameter. When installation, the surface coated with grease inside the bearing outer ring first, against the tight inner surface needle needle: (in the last one should be gaps), then replace the shaft neck of the roller bearing inner ring or auxiliary sleeve into the outer ring hole, and make it face alignment installed shaft end face or installed on the shaft bearing inner ring end face, and then use pressure on the press or hammer knock. Needle roller bearing and it can be installed, apply a thin layer of lubricating oil, the auxiliary sleeve diameter set into the bearing outer ring and the auxiliary sleeve and bearing outer ring form a circular hole, and then install needle in the annular aperture. After the rolling needle is installed, the auxiliary sleeve will be rolled out with the working shaft. For the rolling needle bearing without inner ring or outer ring, the rolling surface of the shaft or shell can be coated with a thin layer of grease at the time of installation, and the needle shall be attached to the grease of the installation site in turn. When the last needle is attached, the clearance should be left. The size of the gap shall be 0.5mm on the circumference of the roller bearing. You can't squeeze the last needle into the ball, or you can put a needle on it, because when it's hard to squeeze, the bearing will be stuck. When less loading, the clearance is too large, easy to cause the bearing to roll the needle and break. For the roller bearing with the outer ring, the outer ring wall is very thin, and the roller bearing should be mounted with the hammer, and the press should be pressed in. Because of the hammering, the pressure is not uniform and easy to make the outer ring of the needle bearing deformation.