Slew Drive For Dual Axis Solar Tracker

The solar trackers can be divided into single-axis trackers and dual-axis trackers by taking into account the mechanical characteristics. Since dual-axis systems are able to obtain an optimal tracking of the sun, they are more popular in all the types of concentrated solar technologies, with the exception of the trough-style system.


A dual axis solar tracker is provided. The dual axis solar tracker includes a moving platform, a fixed platform, a serial chain, a parallel chain and a driving device such as dual axis solar tracker slewing drive. The moving platform is supported by the serial chain and driven by the parallel chain, forming a parallel tracking mechanism. slew drive for dual axis solar tracker is configured to drive the parallel chain to motion so as to drive the moving platform to rotate around vertical and horizontal axes. The dual axis solar tracker slewing drive of the present disclosure has a larger workspace, a better tracking performance and advantages of high rigidity, low energy consumption, small driving torque and low inertia, etc.



Dual-axis slewing drive designing with two axis drive at the same time. It is more tooth contacting and double output torque than SE Series slewing drive.This product has a long history, process technology has been very mature now.