Slewing Bearing Phenomenon And Cause Analysis

Slewing Bearing Phenomenon and cause analysis:

1. The rotary bearing of the drilling rig has intermittent breaking sound-just like crushed gravel, the harsh metal sound, the fault tells you that the slewing bearing has worn out badly.

2. The clearance of the upper and lower rings of the rotary bearing of the drilling rig is obviously open, can simply determine the slewing bearing four points, Slewing Bearing outside the gear ring, or the inner gear ring as the benchmark, determine the gap between the inner and outer ring, if more than 2 millimeters below, to adhere to February, more than 3 millimeters, bearings face the brink of collapse.

3. slewing bearing sealing system and lubrication system are slewing bearing protection line and maintenance system, 85% of the users did not do this, a variety of reasons is that operators, especially drivers themselves, resulting in rotary bearing dry consumption.

4. The fault of the rotary bearing of the drilling rig can be obviously seen at work, shaking, shaking or helplessness, and the deformation of the slewing bearing has reached a serious point.

5. The drilling rig slewing bearing and slewing bearing directly die, Slewing Bearing is more users finally have to work out the final result, and even the user directly forced to pull slewing bearing, the result of tragedy occurred.


1. In the rotary bearing unknown sound, not hurriedly add grease, but to raise kerosene, directly from the bearing gap, the seal pulled off, directly around the raise, Slewing Bearing and positive and negative rotation, cleaning, as far as possible. At this time the inner groove of slewing bearing, steel ball, ball will be slightly clean. It is more straightforward to wash away the debris from the slewing bearing.

2. After cleaning the bearings, add lubricating oil, the concentration, that is, the viscosity is slightly higher than one points, at this time, the seal has been lost, Slewing Bearing sticky a little better, the attachment rate is high.

3. Strengthen temporary protection to prevent dust, dust, debris into the bearing ditch, guaranteed to be used within 2-3.

4. Temporary change roller, roller, isolation fast, Slewing Bearing cage, is basically self-deception, accident frequency. The reason is that rotary bearings are precision parts, precision, installation is carried out in the factory, not a professional manufacturer is impossible.

Small and medium-sized motor operation time is slightly longer, bearing and end cover bearing room between the coordination will often change, serious can make the bearing jacket with the motor running and rotating, this is the motor users often encounter the "bearing run sleeve" problem. Slewing Bearing The greater the roughness of the interior diameter of the end-cover bearing, knife peak knife Yu more obvious, after several times disassembly, bearing operation fever expansion, squeeze bearing bao, bearing operation is often subjected to radial tension or vibration after the peak of processing marks will continue to become smaller, bearing indoor diameter gradually increase the bearing coat and end cover bearing indoor gap between the increase. Bearing indoor diameter tolerance old products are generally equivalent to J7, the new series such as the Y2 motor for H6, is to consider the bearing operation will be heating expansion, and so on, end cover bearing room tolerance of the upper limit is positive, Slewing Bearing the lower the difference is zero. If the size of the end cover bearing chamber is up, bearing for the lower, plus the bearing indoor surface roughness is larger, bearing by the large radial tensile strength, such as the impact of bad conditions, bearing room and bearing clearance is very easy to appear in the ambassador bearing jacket in the operation of the phenomenon of rotating jacket, affect the normal use of motor.