Slewing Bearing Repair

we repairs and recondition all various types of slewing bearing, regrinding and rebuilding of slewing ring bearing, our repair team assesses the condition of the slewing ring bearing and will recommend a repair program that best meets the needs of each customer as per the working condition of the slewing ring bearing.


Step 1: Reconditioning of Slewing Ring Bearings, Antifriction Bearing.

Step 2: Regrinding damaged, Scored, Pitted ID of outer race and OD of Inner race to remove dimensional variation effect of damages and providing new rolling element to accommodate size increase         due to regrinding.

Step 3: Rebuilding of damaged races with special technology followed by grinding and super finishing.

Step 4: Make and supply new races, rolling elements, cage, Nylon Spacer, Neoprin Seal etc. required in assembly of bearing.

Step 5: NDT, Clearance Measurement, Hardness Test, Surface finish measurement and submission of test certificates.

Step 6: Manufacturing with guarantee of all type Non standard, costly bearings or bearing not available.


Contact  slewing ring bearing repair team of MJM and assist your problem with  slewing ring bearings 


slewing ring bearing repair