Slewing Bearing Running And Rotating

General small and medium-sized motor running a little longer, bearing and end bearing between the bearing room often change, can make the bearing jacket with the motor running and rotating, Slewing Bearing which is often encountered by motor users "bearing running" problem The The greater the roughness of the end cap bearing chamber diameter, the more obvious the knife blade knife, after several disassembly, bearing operation heat expansion, squeeze bearing treasure, bearing running often by radial tension or vibration after the processing of the knife marks The peak will continue to become smaller, the bearing chamber diameter gradually increased bearing bearing and end cap bearing room with the gap increases. Bearing room diameter tolerance of the old product is generally equivalent to J7, the new series such as Y2 motor for the H6, is to consider the bearing operation will heat expansion, etc., Slewing Bearing the end cap bearing tolerance is positive, the difference is zero. In case of the end cap bearing room size is poor, the bearing is inferior, coupled with the bearing surface roughness of the larger, bearing by the radial tension and other adverse conditions, Slewing Bearing bearing room and bearing with the gap is easy to occur Ambassador coat jacket in the operation of the jacket rotation occurred in the phenomenon, affecting the normal use of the motor.

The bearing chamber is playing with mahjong or knurled. Bearing room to play Ma pit is to remove the lower end of the shed, with the tip of the steel punch to the end bearing the bearing chamber and the bearing with the circumferential surface evenly punched pits, each pit around the flip to make the bearing room table And the roughness increases, thus reducing the pore size, cleaning dust and other debris can be re-installed. After such treatment,Slewing Bearing the operation of a period of time or re-disassembly several times, the peak of small pits or knurled bumps quickly become small wear, bearing room roughness decreases, the aperture quickly restored to its original size, Slewing Bearing the bearing jacket may turn again The This repair method can only be used for short-term emergency repair processing.

In case of bearing jacket rotation, can increase a wave washer or iron flat pad to increase the axial pressure to ease the bearing jacket rotation. Can also be padded with oil and heat resistant asbestos rubber pad (GB539 can be used asbestos rubber sheet rubber cut), increase the bearing and the cover or the friction of the gasket, slow the rotation of the jacket. This treatment is in the bearing single-sided pad, Slewing Bearing will increase the axial pressure of the original structure of the bearing, easy to lead to noise, vibration increases, to accelerate the bearing damage, so this pad to moderate, this treatment can only be made Short-term emergency repair use.

Bearing room plus O-type rubber bar processing. Remove the motor from the end of the cover, the lathe to find, in the bearing compartment car placed a rubber bar slot,Slewing Bearing width and depth of 3 × 1.6 ~ 6x3.2mm, remove the burr after processing, and then use neoprene to Ø2 ~ Ø4 Oil-resistant heat-resistant O-type rubber sticks in which, as shown in Figure 3. Pay attention to ensure that the strip is slightly higher than the cylindrical surface of the cylinder, to be dry and then re-assembly of the motor, after assembly of the bearing extrusion rubber strip, rubber strip O-shaped cross-oval, increased rubber and Bearing jacket friction, Slewing Bearing which blocked the coat in the bearing room crawling rotation, which is a simple and feasible repair measures, but also in recent years, domestic and foreign motor often used in a similar structure. This applies to a wide range of applications, can be used in the size of the bearing room.