Slewing Bearing The Particularity

Excavator rotary bearings due to the specificity of its structure and the diversity of the scene, Slewing Bearing prone to oil leakage caused by rotary bearings, rotary ring gear or rotary motor damage, it should prevent and timely treatment of leakage. This article will introduce some of the maintenance from the actual summed up the processing methods.

Rotary bearing lubrication is located in the rotary bearing outer ring lubricating grease mouth filling grease and complete, rotary ring gear lubrication is completed by the pre-added grease. Slewing Bearing Rotary bearings are inside and outside (or up and down) two rubber strips as oil seal, outside the oil seal fixed to the lower frame of the rotary bearing inner ring (set), to prevent the outside of the debris into the sleigh. Slewing Bearing The inner oil seal is located on the outer ring (moving plate) of the bearing to prevent the grease in the rotary ring gear from entering the bearing. Rotary gears and slewing bearings use the same brand of grease. Its structure see Figure 1, oil seal cross-section structure shown in Figure 2, turn the oil seal from the thickness gradually thinning, Slewing Bearing and finally the formation of a sharp angle, only the elasticity of the rubber itself from the sharp corner of the deformation by the rubber deformation of the bearing surface Sealing effect (Figure 2 shows the shape of the seal before the deformation). This seal has a slight effect on preventing grease leakage, but the pressure is not high. Slewing Bearing Once the internal pressure is increased due to excessive fuel or an increase in operating temperature, grease will leak through the oil seal. And under normal circumstances the amount of leakage and the amount of injection, the rotation part of the working speed and operating frequency, as well as on-site temperature and other factors. Slewing Bearing Therefore, there is ambiguity about the normal and abnormal leakage.

Usually, in the case of work outside the oil seal a small amount of oil leakage is normal. Slewing Bearing The so-called normal, refers to the outer seal through the rotary seal leakage of grease and the amount of grease added to the rotary bearing is roughly equal. However, Slewing Bearing when a large number of oil leakage on the excavator abnormal phenomenon, it must be checked. Due to the particularity of the rotary part of the lubrication structure, it is necessary to analyze whether there is indeed a leak and determine the problem where the problem can be solved.

Rotary bearing chamber filling grease cycle should be between 150 ~ 250h (manufacturers recommend the maintenance cycle is 250h, but the actual work can be based on the rotary part of the work intensity and frequency appropriate shortening). If the filling is too frequent, will lead to a large number of oil leakage.

If there is a leak in this situation, open the carousel grease check cover, you will find that grease has become thinner. This thinning is mixed with hydraulic oil or gear oil characteristics.

Due to the original equipment may not be correct filling the oil, there will be rotary bearings or rotary ring gear temperature slightly increased grease on the thinning of the situation. If the dilute oil is driven by the rotary motor's active gear in the meshing process to the upper end of the ring gear, Slewing Bearing it will flow through the oil seal into the bearing chamber, the last oil from the oil seal dripping out.

Carefully check the oil seal along the rotation to determine whether the local, section of the leak or even the surrounding leakage. Check whether the entire rotary seal is missing.

The outer oil seal should be fixed relative to the sealing groove of the lower frame. The key to inspection is to be observed when the excavator is performing a rotary motion. Slewing Bearing If the oil seal is also rotating at the same time, it means that the existing oil seal has been loosened in the sealing groove and the oil seal must be replaced. This method has a certain risk, so pay attention to safety, Slewing Bearing but this is to check whether the rotary seal is really one of the important methods of sealing.

Open the rotary ring gear grease check cover, check the ring gear oil is a significant reduction in oil, whether there is broken pieces of oil seal. Slewing Bearing If it is a significant reduction in oil, indicating that oil has been missed.