Storage Method Of Slewing Bearing

Slewing rings are coated with anti-rust oil , and wrapped with a film in the factory. Such a package is usually valid for 3-6 months antirust.As long as the relative humidity does not exceed 60% of the storage compartment , the temperature changes within(20 ± 10), slewing ring general can store about a year (in the original packaging in good condition ) .

After long-term storage , grease lubricating properties of slewing bearings' raceway filled may reduce.Before using the slewing bearing,they need to be filled with a new grease filling, storeroom should also avoid vibration and shaking.

For slewing rings ( turntable bearings ) not stored in their original packagings they should be kept well, to protect against corrosion and contamination .

For large slewing rings should be on flat, and inner and outer rings both should be supported. It should be stacked flat isolation between slewing rings.