XSA140544N Cross Roller Slewing Bearing

Slewing Bearing XSA140544N

Outside Diameter:640.3 mm
Gear Options:External Gear Only
Seals Type:Rubber Seals
Material: 50Mn/42CrMo/5CrMnMo
Specifications: High load and high rigidity Ability
Bore Size:474 mm
Feature:Cross Roller
Applications:Turntable, Rotating Machine, Tower Crane, wind turbines
Packaging Details: 
1) Bearing surface is covered with the anti-rust oil first; And then wrapped with the plastic film; 
2) And then packed with Kraft paper and professional belts; 
3) At last, with wooden box totally at the outer packing to invoid the rust or the moist; 
4) We can depend on the customers demand to be packed.
Features and Applications:
1) Slewing ring bearings have more features: Compact structure, reliable guide, simple installation, and easily maintenance.
2) ISlewing ring bearings can be widely used in lifting & transport machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, port hoistingmachinery, port oil transfer equipment, onshore and offshore crane, excavator, concrete machine, paper machine, plastic and rubber machine, weave machine, steel plant, electronic power plant, wind power generator, other construction and industry machines or equipments and other large rotary device. 

Shaft diameter (mm)Identification number Main dimensions(mm)
inner ring douter diameter Dwidth BChamfer r(min)
50CRBH 5013 ACRBH 5013 A UU5080130.6
60CRBH 6013 ACRBH 6013 A UU6090130.6
70CRBH 7013 ACRBH 7013 A UU70100130.6
80CRBH 8016 ACRBH 8016 A UU80120160.6
90CRBH 9016 A CRBH 9016 A UU90130160.6
100CRBH 10020 ACRBH 10020 A UU100150200.6
110CRBH 11020 ACRBH 11020 A UU110160200.6
120CRBH 12025 ACRBH 12025 A UU120180251
130CRBH 13025 ACRBH 13025 A UU130190251
140CRBH 14025 ACRBH 14025 A UU140200251
150CRBH 15025 ACRBH 15025 A UU150210251
200CRBH 20025 ACRBH 20025 A UU200260251
250CRBH 25025 ACRBH 25025 A UU250310251.5