Kaydon Slewing Ring Bearing MTO MTE Series

Kaydon Slewing Ring Bearing MTO MTE Series
Product Details

we offer a wide range of SKF KAYDON Small Slewing Ring MTO MTE series

MT Series slewing ring bearings have a rectangular cross-section and range in
size from 4 – 47 inches OD (100 – 1200 mm). They provide optimal economy
and capacity for a given envelope dimension.

MT series slewing ring Models

The smaller sizes are well suited for:
Jib cranes
Lift-assist devices
Work positioners

Larger sizes are well suited for:
Truck-mounted cranes
Aerial lifts
Small wind turbines
Non-precision positioning table

MTE series external gear slewing ring

  • four point contact ball bearing

  • rectangular cross-section

  • clearance

  • dimension 12~47'' OD

(1) MT- series slewing bearing(MTO)

(2) MT- series slewing bearing(MTE)

(3) KH- series slewing bearing

(4) RK- series slewing bearing

(5) HS- series slewing bearing

MTO-050 MTO-050T MTO-065 KH-125P KH-166P KH-225P
MTO-065T MTO-122 MTO-122T KH-275P KH-325P KH-125E
MTO-143 MTO-143T MTO-145 KH-166E KH-225E KH-275E
MTO-145T MTO-145X MTO-170 KH-325E RK6-16P1Z RK6-22P1Z
MTO-170T MTO-210 MTO-210T RK6-25P1Z RK6-29P1Z RK6-33P1Z
MTO-210X MTO-265 MTO-265T RK6-37P1Z RK6-43P1Z RK6-16E1Z
MTO-265X MTO-324T MTO-324X RK6-22E1Z RK6-25E1Z RK6-29E1Z
MTE-145 MTE-145T MTE-145X RK6-33E1Z RK6-37E1Z RK6-43E1Z
MTE-210 MTE-210T MTE-210X RK6-16N1Z RK6-22N1Z RK6-25N1Z
MTE-265 MTE-265T MTE-265X RK6-29N1Z RK6-33N1Z RK6-37N1Z
MTE-324T MTE-324X MTE-415 RK6-43N1Z HS6-16P1Z HS6-21P1Z
MTE-415T MTE-470 MTE-470T HS6-25P1Z HS6-29P1Z HS6-33P1Z
MTE-540 MTE-540T MTE-590 HS6-37P1Z HS6-43P1Z HS6-16E1Z
MTE-590T MTE-705 MTE-705T HS6-21E1Z HS6-25E1Z HS6-29E1Z
MTE-730 MTE-730T MTE-870 HS6-33E1Z HS6-37E1Z HS6-43E1Z
MTE-870T HS6-16N1Z HS6-21N1Z HS6-25N1Z HS6-29N1Z HS6-33N1Z
HS6-37N1Z HS6-43N1Z

Kaydon Slewing Ring Bearing MTO MTE Series


    Q: Are you a factory or trading company?

    A: we are a slewing bearing manufacturer who located at NINGBO CHINA, and offer the best slewing bearing price!
    Q: Whether the products can be customized ?
    A: Yes, we are able to produce the customized slewing bearing
    Q: What is the payment ?
    A:  T/T, WESTERN UNION, D/P, L/C etc
    Q: What is the shipping method?
    A:  Shipment by sea, air, and express as well
    Q: What is the delivery time?
    A:  normally in 4 weeks

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