Slewing Ring Bearing For Robotics

Slewing Ring Bearing For Robotics
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The advanced bearing supply enables these robotic devices to operate smoothly and efficiently, so your operation continues to be successful. Whether it is a mechanical base bearing or a bearing used in an articulated arm, we can provide you with the right bearing solution.

With the fast development of Chinese economy, Robot is more and more used, even has penetrated into various fields. For example, robotic sorting, packaging, transportation has been used in the major logistics center. Chinese largest Internet Alibaba and Jingdong, warehousing and transportation have all been used in the robot operation, AGV is applied instead of man power!  As the core components of the logistics robot rotation support, our small slewing bearing like MTO slewing bearing, RKS slewing bearing, YRT turntable bearing and crossed roller bearing are play key role in this application.  It is manufactured in special production process with the special tooling to ensure the precision and durability of slewing ring. 

Slewing Ring Bearing for Robotics

Slewing bearing

Accept radial, axial and tilting motion

High carrying capacity

Flexible product design

Crossed roller bearing replacement for IKO THK

RB series cross roller bearings

RE series cross roller bearings

RU series cross roller bearings

CRB/CRBC series cross roller bearings

CRBH series cross roller bearings

SX series cross roller bearings

RA series cross roller bearings

Medical Slewing Ring Bearing