Wind Turbine Bearing Yaw Bearing Pitch Bearing

Wind Turbine Bearing Yaw Bearing Pitch Bearing
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The wind turbine bearing also called wind power bearing. It is one of the most important components of wind turbines, used to track the wind direction and enable the applications working reliability and economic efficiency. Bearings are used in various places of the nacelle: rotor shaft, gearbox (step-up gear), generator, yaw gearbox (reduction), yaw slewing table, blade pitch revolving seat and hydraulic pump. The bearing loads and rotating speeds vary considerably due to constantly changing winds. In the case of wind gusts, the blades and rotor will exert large loads on the rotor shaft bearing. The changes in the load, moment and rotating speed also affect the gearbox bearing.

We have acquired the core designing, manufacturing and testing technique in yaw bearing, pitch bearing, main bearing, gearbox, and generating motor bearing in wind turbine system. We have also cultivated a professional team in bearing design, property analyses, manufacturing and testing. 

Pitch Bearing

double row ball slewing bearing is mainly made up of inside and outside rings. The diameters of up-row and down-row balls are the same. It is suitable for high precision mounting and capable to bear axial force, resultant torque and considerable large radial force.
Double row ball slewing rings are widely application in wind turbine bearing (blade bearing/pitch bearing) and types of marine cranes.
Three types of this kind of double row ball slewing bearings:
A. Without gear bearing (non tooth)
B. External gear bearing (external tooth)
C. Internal gear bearing (internal tooth)

Yaw Bearing

Generally, the structure of yaw bearings for wind turbine is single row ball slewing ring,four-point contact bearing.
The yaw bearings install into the joint between tower and cabin, the pitch bearing installed into the joint between the blades and hubs. Each wind turbine has a set of yaw bearing and three sets of pitch bearing.
Three types of this kind of single row ball slewing bearings(yaw bearing):
A. Without gear bearing (non tooth)
B. External gear bearing (external tooth)
C. Internal gear bearing (internal tooth)

Yaw Ring

The yaw ring is the crucial part in the yaw system of the wind turbines, and its function is equivalent to the large sliding bearing.. It is located at the bottom of the nacelle seat, connected with tower by bolts, supporting nacelle by means of the sliding surface, and it is meshed with four sets of yawing reducer, driven by a yaw motor to the nacelle to get overall slow rotation.The typical design life of yaw gear rings is 20 years, due to the special installation position/maintenance difficulty and high cost of replacement, higher requirements and manufacturing accuracy is needed.UWE yaw ring is a large ring gear, the material is QT alloy steel; according to the requirements of yaw ring,the module is generally between 10 ~ 20 and tooth surface requires hardening, the hardness of the general requirements is above 50HRC.

























Wind Turbine Bearing Yaw Bearing Pitch Bearing

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