Dual Axis Slew Drive (SDE Type) - Solar Tracker Slew Drive

Dual Axis Slew Drive (SDE Type) - Solar Tracker Slew Drive
Product Details

The SDE series designing is absorbs the advantages of VE and SE. The Azimuth and Elevation 3D direction rotating at the same time. 


The most common slewing drive application for the dual-axis slewing drives are dual-axis solar trackers, such as heliostats and concentrated photovoltaics (CPV), and satellite or radar dishes. Other applications include automotive lifts, robotic arm positioners, and stage equipment. 

The kinematic SDE dual-axis rotary drive ensures 30 years of accurate 3D positioning on-site life. SDE drives create efficient and reliable solutions in a single drive. We use ISO 9001, CE, REACH and TUV certified standards to identify all components and raw materials to maximize field life.

The kinematic rotary drive uses patented hourglass worm technology to provide maximum control and motion support. Our worm gears mesh 5 to 11 teeth on the ring line of the ring gear through the hourglass screw, which is a higher tooth engagement than the standard worm, giving the gearbox greater stability and strength.


Dual Axis Slewing Drive

Model   DataOutput   TorqueTilting MomentHolding TorqueGear Ratio Tracking PrecisionWeight


our hot and common slewing drives are listed in the table.

Open Housing Slew DriveS9S12S14S17     
Enclosed Housing Slew DriveSE3C/PE3CSE5A/PE5ASE7/PE7SE9A/PE9ASE12A/PE12ASE14A/PE14ASE17/PE17SE21/PE21SE25/PE25
Double Worm Slew DriveSE14-2/S14-2SE17-2/S17-2SE21-2/S21-2SE25-2/S25-2     
Modular Vehicles Slew DriveHSE21HSE25HSE21-2HSE25-2     
Worm Gear Slew DriveWE9WE12WE14WE17WE21WE25   
Dual Axis Slew DriveSDE3/PDE3SDE5SDE9SDE12SDE14SDE17